Summer days

The date is June 9 and I’ve been on summer break for 8 days now. I can honestly say that I feel kind of hollow. Without purpose, you could say. I really miss school and all of my friends and knowing that next semester I won’t be seeing them again really puts a knife through everything. I love organizing and planning but with literally no agenda for the day, there’s nothing to plan. The worst part is that I have to start studying for my SAT’s and even math and Arabic for next year but I just feel so lazy 😦 The summer days are long and tedious and it’s really hitting me now that the cycle of eat sleep and repeat will continue for the next 2 months, 18 days (Yes I counted :p) until I’m at AC! Bye for now! 

(Here’s hoping that blogging can fill my days)



Hi. My names Iman and well this is my blog. I started this after trying to find more blogs by high school students and wanted to document my journey as a student at boarding school. I currently go to school in Hyderabad, India. It is a boarding school and I’ve been going there for 3 years but it was in the first year (grade 8) that I was introduced to UWC and it was my dream ever since. In my final year of the MYP program, so grade 10, is when I actually applied through my national committee and as you can tell from the title of this blog, I will be attending UWC Atlantic college in Wales, the UK next year! Exciting as it is, I still have around 5 months until I attend and so until then, I hope you can bear with my stress of finals and the 3-month summer vacation.

Can’t wait to fill this blog with endless posts about my life, travel and school.

Until my next post…